Becoming a Monk

Monasterium stoicorum. Because we are a monastery of Stoics, it is expected that those who are interested in becoming members of the monachi will know the essential principles of Stoic logic, physics, and ethics. To that end, we require all applicants to successfully complete the Stoic Essentials Studies (SES) course at the College of Stoic Philosophers. This requirement may be waived for those who have an extensive academic education in Stoicism.

Those interested in entering the monastery will apply to become a Novice for a probationary period of three months. To receive a syllabus with detailed information on how to become a monk of the Black Eagle Stoic Monastery, please email the Abbot,, with your Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy), city and state or country of residence, religious affiliation (if any), and the name of your Mentor and date of completion of the SES course.

The Monastery School

There is a school at the Black Eagle Monastery where we study Heraclitus, daimones, mystical experience, and life after death. The classes listed below are only available to monks of the monastery but are described for the general public who may be interested in joining us.

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